2018: Courage and Consistency

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This year the conference will be held on

Saturday 13th October
The Emmaus Church Centre, Warrington


2018 Conference leaflet (PDF)



Pilgrim Bible Notes (2013 – 2019)

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Pilgrim Bible NotesWe have now completed over twenty-six years of Pilgrim Bible Notes and have covered the whole of the Bible three times.

Previous years’ notes have been presented in a format which allows you to print them as booklets. This continues with files marked ‘print’.

I have added a further file, one day per page, which is ideal for reading on computers or tablets. These files are marked ‘tablet’.

May God encourage you through the reading of his precious Word and from meditating on the things that you read. For more details email pilgrim@ggoj.org.uk

Yours in Christ, Alec Taylor

2017: Conference Review

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On Saturday the 14th October 2017 a good number of believers from ten to twelve evangelical churches met for the annual “God’s Glory Our Joy” conference at Warrington. The conference theme was entitled ” Remembering the Reformation”. We were treated to four excellent sessions of ministry and teaching. Our speakers were John Palmer (Leigh), Stephen Murphy (Dundalk), and Chris Hand (Crich). These good men had clearly studied their subjects well, and we who sat and listened were the recipients of some fine ministry indeed!

Dr Lloyd Jones, the swinging 60s, and the Reformation

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To be true to the values of the Reformation, we have to understand the cultural shift that has taken place in our society since the 1960s, and respond to it. That was the provocative challenge presented by Chris Hand, pastor of Crich Baptist Church in Derbyshire, at this year’s “God’s Glory Our Joy” Conference held in Warrington on 14 October.