2005: Reforming the local Church

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The aim was to encourage every church leader and member to examine his or her commitment to the reformation of the local church. Judged by that aim, the conference can only be reckoned an overwhelming success. I would be amazed if any of the hundred and fifty or so folk who attended, went away unchallenged. Personally it was a privilege to have been there.  If you didn’t enjoy that privilege, then order the tapes.  You need to hear the papers; your church needs to hear the papers. And we all then need to go away and do something about what we’ve heard. As we were reminded in our last session, we are to “be doers of the Word and not hearers only”.  By God’s grace we must all play a part in the reformation of our local churches and thus bring glory to God’s wonderful name – only then can we truly enjoy Him forever!

2005: Conference Sermons

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2005 Conference sermons now available. Listen on-line or download the MP3 sermons.

2004: Building Biblical Churches

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2004 ProgrammeA fair sized crowd of folk gathered in Liverpool for this year’s “God’s Glory, Our Joy” conference. There were a mere 5 sessions over the two days (down from 6 last year), the idea being to encourage informal fellowship between the papers. As in previous years, the papers given were broadly based around the theme of “Building Biblical Churches for the 21st Century”.

Oliver Allmand-Smith kicked off on Friday evening, speaking on “The Church around the Word” from Paul’s letter to the church at Colossae. Taking Colossians 3:16  “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom…” as his text, he spoke about the proper focus of our meetings (the word of Christ), and the proper means to attain that focus (teaching and admonishing). He gave a strong call to centralise Scripture, and a searching exposition of what makes up good preaching, and how to listen to it.

2003: Servants of the Living God

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2003Somewhere between 100 to 200 people gathered at Milnrow for the ‘God’s glory, our Joy’ conference this year, held on a Friday evening, and all day Saturday, in October. Below are brief tasters of the Saturday of the conference.

2003 Programme