2002: Holiness of God & His People

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2002: The Holiness of God and his peopleOur theme was “The Holiness of God and His People”. Graham Harrison of Newport gave two papers, both focusing on the true nature of the gospel. The first, a seminar for pastors and elders, attracted over 30 men. In the second he reminded us of what a joy it is to the believing heart to hear the true gospel preached.

2002 Programme

2002: Quotes

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David Harding: Worldliness

  • “Conversion is radical. It is not a clip-on extra to what you already are, but a complete turnaround. If we are Christians, we should be different. We ask the wrong question about our behaviour. ‘What harm will it do?’ rather than ‘what good will it produce?’”

2002: Conference Sermons

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2002 Conference sermons now available. Listen on-line or download the MP3 sermons.

2001: God at the Centre

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2001 ConferenceThe second God’s Glory Our Joy- Building Biblical Churches for the 21st Century conference was held on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th October 2001 in Chester.

Around 150 people came for all or part of the time, with inevitably, more on Saturday than on Friday.  The attendance did not match the quality of the papers; a fact which perhaps in itself shows the need for such a conference! However, those who were there enjoyed a spiritual feast.

The conference opened and closed with preaching, from Chris Rogers of Liverpool and John Marshall of Hemel Hempstead. Both encouraged us to faithfulness in these dark days. We are not to follow those who downgrade the place of the Word in its practical authority in belief and conduct. Nor are we to be discouraged by them, even if they are in our churches; but we must hold to the Lord in faith.