2010: Conference Review

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The subtitle of this conference is “Building Biblical Churches for the 21st Century”, which is a summary of the nature of the conference.  It is directed to all Christians who are actively working in their local churches to bring glory to God.  This year the theme was “Confronting the Culture”, and the addresses were all directed to aspects of the way our churches work in the light of 21st Century culture. 

The theme was reflected in the titles of the addresses:

  • Building biblical churches in a godless society
  • Building biblical churches in a hi-tec society
  • Building biblical churches in an entertainment society
  • Building biblical churches in the light of Christ’s return to keep all of these in their proper perspective

A theme which ran through all the addresses was that our churches, and the individual Christians within them, must live and work with a different focus from the society around us. 

2010: Conference Sermons

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2010 Conference sermons now available. Listen on-line or download the MP3 sermons.

2010: Confronting the Culture

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This year the conference will be held on:

Friday 8th & Saturday 9th October
The Emmaus Church Centre, Warrington




2010 Conference leaflet (1.88MB PDF)

2009: Conference Review

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2009 Conference“God’s Glory, our Joy” is a conference for all Christians, organised by a group of churches in the North West of England. It has been running every autumn since 2000, and it runs for a reason: To build Biblical churches for the 21st century.

To that end, on the 9th and 10th of October this year, on the Friday evening and Saturday morning and afternoon, many Christians gathered to hear stimulating Biblical teaching, to hear reports from various churches, and to enjoy fellowship with one another.