Pilgrim Bible Notes (2013 – 2022)

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Pilgrim Bible NotesAs many will be aware Alec Taylor was recently called home.

Alec was widely known and loved as a pastor, preacher, writer, counsellor, and friend.

A short obituary has been published in the Evangelical Times. Our sympathies and prayers are with Beverley, Alastair, Phil, and the wider family.

After 26 years of Pilgrim Bible Notes, covering the whole of the Bible 3 times, the notes are ending June 2022 but will remain available for the foreseeable future along with Alec’s “Commentaries” and “Pilgrims under Pressure“.

There is an index 2013-2021 on the last pages of the December 2021 notes that lists each book of the Bible with corresponding dates of the notes.

As Alec said “May God encourage you through the reading of his precious Word and from meditating on the things that you read.”

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  • Mrs Ruth KEYS says:

    Thank you Pastor Taylor, for taking a strong and consistant view on sexual sins as per the Holy Word of God. It is indeed not a very popular opinion in these modern times, but as you point out we are to be lights in this dark and evil world. The Lord bless you and we trust that you are keeping well. John & Ruth Keys

  • Goody Poh says:

    Thanks for this ministry We have been using the Pilgrim Bible Notes for the last 20 years. We live in Malaysia.

  • Michele Denker says:

    Thank you so much for these Pilgrim Bible Notes. These have truly enhanced my quiet time and given me the needed inspiration to dig deeper into scripture. It also has given me a much needed refreshment in reading my bible on a daily basis as I look forward to each day and the scripture. Truly a wonderful resource and guide. Thank you!!

  • Mwenya Sichula, Lusaka, Zambia says:

    Dear Alex,
    Thank you so much for these great and sound notes. I found them very helpful in keeping me close to my God and meditating on his words as i pilgrim on this earth. May God continue to use you as an instrument in keeping his children focused on himself to the praise of his name. May you know His strength and encouragement as you do this noble work. God speed.

  • Helen Stanley says:

    Dear Mr Taylor
    I have been keeping my eye open for any sign of 2018 notes so was extremely happy today to see that the first quarter has now been published. My husband and myself have been reading these notes daily for many years and really appreciate the insight, challenge and encouragement provided for our daily walk with the Lord.
    God bless you, dear brother, in this work for Him.

  • Emelda Mwamba Banda says:

    Thank you very much for these notes. I have been using the Pilgrim Bible Notes for sometime now and they have really been helpful. I’m made to reflect on my christian life on daily basis. May the Lord add more days to your life (s) to continue ministering unto us.

  • John & Ruth Keys says:

    Thank you once again Pastor Taylor for today’s exposition of the scriptures. It is indeed a daily battle to walk exactly as to how the Lord would have us walk, even with the Holy Spirit within us. We could all benefit greatly if we were to take the advice that you give us today and our churches would be much more united and blessed. If the devil does get a foothold, he reaps havoc on the Evangelical church.

  • John & Ruth Keys says:

    Once again we can only thank Almighty God for these Bible notes, particularly as today we read about the foolishness of King Solomon and how you have warned us of the danger of falling away when we are older like Solomon. How we finish is so very important. Thank you Pastor Taylor for the quality of study in these notes.

  • John & Ruth Keys says:

    Really enjoy, and are blessed by these notes, which we have been using for I`m sure 15 years or more, there are many bible notes available today, but none that I know, that have such deep spiritual teaching.

  • Norman Banda , Lusaka, Zambia-Southern Africa says:

    I have been using the Pilgrim Bible Notes probably since 2003 or 2004. These notes have enriched my soul immensely. I am yet to find notes better than these! The notes are Biblical and Doctrinally correct.

    Whenever, I ran out of printed notes, I would feel like a limb had been chopped off my body! Thank God, now I can save them on my tablet! Alec, you are doing a great job for the LORD. He will reward you!

  • Simon Ward says:

    I began using these notes in 1996 and stuck with them for many years.

    This evening I found them online and bless God for that. My hungry soul needs feeding.

    Every blessing, Simon

  • Emelda says:

    The notes are so helpful for daily devotions

  • Kathryn Oxley says:

    Dear Alec,

    What a joy it is to wake up on the Lord’s Day and decide to search for your Bible Notes online and to find them! I have been missing them terribly and have not been able to find anything else that systematically goes through the scriptures in a daily bite-sized form. My daily Bible reading has sadly suffered. I am really looking forward to getting on track again now. I find your notes so insightful and encouraging and they help me to better understand God’s Word.

    I have posted these to my Facebook friends and hope that many more will spread the word.
    Praying for you and yours, Kathryn Oxley (Penn Free Methodist Church, Bucks)

  • Annjoan says:

    Thank you very much for those wonderful notes may God bless you just know that laboring for God is not in vain. You are preaching to many and God will reward you for that.

  • Sean Kinsella says:

    I love these notes, and so does my wife. They have been such a blessing to us throughout our married life, and for me before that. What better way to start the day than to read the Bible, read Alec’s notes, then pray together.

    Thank you so much for putting them on line. Every blessing,Sean Kinsella

  • Mia Read says:

    I found the Pilgrim Bible Notes very helpful and edifying. The notes are true to scriptures and recommend it to my Christian friends.

  • Goody Poh says:

    We live in Malaysia. Thank you for the Pilgrim Bible Notes. We use it for our daily family worship. We have 80 regular subscribers for the past few years.

  • Philip Griffiths says:

    Thank you for putting the notes on line. I value them highly and have found them very helpful.

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