2001: Quotes

Nick Needham:

“Verbal inspiration was not dreamt up in 19th century Princeton, but was common currency in the 15th century. When men desert this belief, they cease to be evangelical.”

“We do not have a monopoly on theological enlightenment.”

Question from the floor- “Is it possible for someone today to have a brand new original thought from the Bible that changes something important?” Nick Needham- “No.”

Tim Mills:

“I was first given the title ‘What shall we sing?’ I didn’t want to speak on that.”

Hymns can be a safety net for the service. Even if the prayers are rubbish and the sermon abysmal, at least people can leave having sung some tremendous hymns.”

“Perhaps when revival comes we shall stop singing altogether.”

Stephen Rees:

“The teenage girl clubbing and the Buddhist monk meditating are essentially following the same lie. That their own lives are the most important thing there is.”

“Imagine the American ambassador going to speak to the Taliban leaders before the missiles are launched against them. Would he stand there, and say ‘ I’d like to sing you a little song…Give Peace a Chance’.”

Walter Johnston:

“The board outside of our building has been wrong for years. It reads ‘Chorlton Evangelical Church’. I’ve been meaning for a long time to add ‘meets here’.”

“The ‘lone ranger’ Christian can read Peter’s exhortation to be living stones built into a spiritual house, and never put it into practise. He is determined to be a stone on his own, a useless house-brick”

John Marshall:

“I feel I have no authority to tell you how to build Biblical Churches. I have no great success story myself. All I can say is I’ve survived. I’ve simply survived 21 years of uninterrupted trouble.”

“When somebody tells you they love you, you start to get an itchy feeling between the shoulder blades. When they say they’ve been praying for you, then you really expect the knife in the back.”

“John the Baptist preached user-friendly sermons didn’t he? ‘ye generation of vipers’…That’s why he had his head cut off”

“During the Falklands war, a woman came on the radio, and said ‘Isn’t the war terrible. My son enrolled in the Navy, but he never wanted to fight’. We are so feeble. We are meant to be militant”

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