2002: Quotes

David Harding: Worldliness

“Conversion is radical. It is not a clip-on extra to what you already are, but a complete turnaround. If we are Christians, we should be different. We ask the wrong question about our behaviour. ‘What harm will it do?’ rather than ‘what good will it produce?’”

Graham Harrison: When a Gospel is not the Gospel

“…When it is a gospel, one of many. There are no other Gospels”.

“…When Christ is made an example rather than a substitutionary sacrifice. If He is a mere hero, it is heresy. We need a Saviour.”

“…When it gives credit to man, when belief is something God can mark up in our favour. The Gospel is not for those with merit, but with demerit.”

“…When the goodness and severity of God are replaced with something mushy and sentimental. God does not let bygones be bygones. The love of God is for sinners as sinners”

Stephen Rees on the Holiness of God

“The attitude of modern Evangelicalism seems to be ‘Sin is an unfortunate difficulty, but God’s solved it. He sent His Son. So let’s all be happy.’ God’s determined hostility to sin and sinners is a note never sounded. God’s wrath is not seen as the problem, it is loneliness or bad habits. The great mountain hanging over the head of sinners, ready to crush them, may as well not be there.”

Alec Taylor on Personal Holiness

“You cannot be holy without effort. I am not against second blessings- every Christian has thousands of blessings. But no experience lifts us above the struggle of the Christian life except death.

Ian Harrison: Keeping the LORD’s Day Holy

“The corporate worship of God is as close as possible to heaven as we get on earth. Not the prayer closet, but the Sunday services”

“Children can be taught to prioritise worship. Going to church is a privilege, not going is a penalty. Never the other way round.”

“We can bring things down to three questions. Does it distract from worship, will it prevent from focusing on God? What message does it send out? What does it cost others?”


“Other churches are user-friendly, and people look on us as being a miserable shower. How can we be more joyful in our worship?” David White.

“Real worship will always look miserable and grim in the eyes of the world. They hate our God. If our meetings are God centered, they’ll hate them.” Stephen Rees.

“Is the unity we have enough? Are Jesus’ prayers for the unity of His followers being answered? How many of you have been to Spring Harvest?” Question from the floor.

“The primary place where unity is expressed is the local church. There, true New Testament unity is visible- a group of people bound together as a family. The New Testament never envisages an organisational unity beyond the local church” Stephen Rees.

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