2016: Conference Sermons

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2016 Conference sermons now available. Listen on-line or download the MP3 sermons.

The conference again proved a time of great fellowship with challenging Bible teaching from our speakers: David Last, Crawford Gribben and Stephen Rees.

Pilgrim Commentaries

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Pilgrim CommentariesThe first Pilgrim Bible Commentaries are now available to order:

  • Genesis – 90 pages £2 per copy (now available as a free download)
  • Exodus – 92 pages £2 per copy
  • Luke – 122 pages £2 per copy
  • Acts – 96 pages £2 per copy

Postage is extra on all of these books contact Alec Taylor pilgrim@ggoj.org.uk for more details and to order.

2016: Waiting & Working for Christ’s Return

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GGOJ 2016This year the conference will be held on:

Saturday 8th October
The Emmaus Church Centre, Warrington


2016 Conference leaflet (PDF)




2015: Conference Review

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SpeakersPreparing for Persecution was the title for the sixteenth annual ‘God’s Glory: Our Joy’ Conference, held in Warrington on 10th October. The subject is rapidly becoming more relevant, and this was certainly demonstrated during the day. Persecution is far worse for many believers in other countries, but we shut our eyes to what is happening in the UK at our peril. All Christians need to be aware of the perils which evangelical believers are increasingly facing in the UK today. It is impossible here to give a sense of the unusual quality and depth of the teaching we received. God was speaking to his people. This teaching needs to be heard by all believers.