2018: Conference Review

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For the last 18 years, the “God’s Glory, our Joy” conference has been contributing its mite to the project of building biblical churches in the North West of England by providing a forum for thought, prayer, and discussion. This year, people gathered from about 20 different churches and listened to a trio of talks on the theme of “Courage and Consistency”.

2018: Conference Sermons

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2018 Conference sermons now available. Listen on-line or download the MP3 sermons.

The conference again proved a time of great fellowship with challenging Bible teaching from our speakers: Mike Judge, Mark Stocker, Rhys Curnow and David Campbell.

2018: Courage and Consistency

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This year the conference will be held on

Saturday 13th October
The Emmaus Church Centre, Warrington


2018 Conference leaflet (PDF)



2017: Conference Review

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On Saturday the 14th October 2017 a good number of believers from ten to twelve evangelical churches met for the annual “God’s Glory Our Joy” conference at Warrington. The conference theme was entitled ” Remembering the Reformation”. We were treated to four excellent sessions of ministry and teaching. Our speakers were John Palmer (Leigh), Stephen Murphy (Dundalk), and Chris Hand (Crich). These good men had clearly studied their subjects well, and we who sat and listened were the recipients of some fine ministry indeed!