Pilgrims under Pressure 2020 (Free edition)

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Pilgrims under PressureChristians are facing greater pressure in the western world than for over 300 years. There are perils coming from outside the church – persecution, militant atheism and mockery of our precious faith. Many believers have been martyred or are languishing in prisons or labour camps. There are also perils from within – false teaching, worldliness, and discouragement. All these circumstances arise in the books that we are covering.

The readings have been selected to encourage Christians like ourselves living in difficult times. There is also the evangelistic challenge to any readers who are not yet believers. I have carefully selected daily Bible readings covering 366 days. Some of those who you will meet in these readings also faced hostility and persecution and triumphed in them.

2019: Conference Review

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October. The time when russet coloured leaves detach themselves and waft gently to the ground. Yes. But for me, and a fair few others, it is the time of year we journey to Warrington for the annual God’s Glory, our Joy Conference held this year on October 12th.

Themed From Confusion to Clarity…

2019: Conference Sermons

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2019 Conference sermons now available. Listen on-line or download the MP3 sermons.

The conference again proved a time of great fellowship with challenging Bible teaching from our speakers: Stephen Rees, Matthew Cox and John Palmer.


2019: From Confusion to Clarity

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This year the conference will be held on

Saturday 12th October
The Emmaus Church Centre, Warrington


2019 Conference leaflet (PDF)